Topics for GD and WAT 2022

Topics for WAT & GD

No. of TopicsTopic Name
Topic 1Privacy and surveillance: On WhatsApp user policy change
Topic 2RBI cancelled the licence of some Bad Banks. What is a Bad Bank?: An Overview
Topic 3On India’s COVID-19 vaccination drive
Topic 4On India and the Nepal political crisis
Topic 5On India’s climate goals
Topic 6Grain and chaff: On farmer protests
Topic 7On Abraham Accords
Topic 8Historic Recession: On India’s GDP slump
Topic 9Importance of social media in our daily life
Topic 10Cyber tax conundrum: Digital Service Tax could offer an interim solution
Topic 11COVID-19 vaccine: An Overview
Topic 12On Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes
Topic 13Clearing the air: On Delhi’s air pollution
Topic 14Big bank theory: On Public Sector Bank mergers
Topic 15Goods and Service Tax (GST)
Topic 16Environmental Pollution
Topic 17E-Governance

Important WAT and GD topics 2022

Here are some Important topics for WAT & GDPI 2022 for MBA Aspiring students and Government job aspiring students.

  1. Your Views on New Education Policy 2020 in India

  2. Corona virus outbreak: How to deal with it effectively. Discuss.


  3. Labour & Migration problems in India. suggest ways to improve it.


  4. Economic Lockdown a boon or a bane?

  5. Digital Education in India, suggest ways to improve?

  6. Merging public sector banks, A right step to revive Banking sector in India?


  7. Health Standard in India. How govt should improve health facility to fight Pandemic in future?


  8. Biased Media is a real threat to Indian Democracy


  9. What could be the reasons for decline of India’s economic growth, How Government should handle it?


  10. Pros and Cons of Online shopping and E-commerce?


  11. NPA Problem of Banks: Challenges, way forward, its effects on Public


  12. GST ( Goods and services tax): How GST is changing the business scenario of India?


  13. How Technology is changing the face of education?


  14. Social networking in our lives?


  15. There is no “I” in teamwork. Explain.


  16. Exorbitant rise in Prices of Vegetables, and still farmers are facing losses. Discuss


  17.  Smart Cities Vs. Rising pollution levels of metropolitan


  18. Effect of Social media on our daily life


  19. Uniform civil Code in India, Discuss Challenges


  20. Are Gandhi ji and his teachings relevant in today’s world?


  21. Changing landscape in banking sector and its challenges


  22. Opinion based topics: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage; Nuclear Family or Joint Family, etc.


  23. Argumentative/ Controversial topics: Reservation should be removed; Quota System should be abolished, etc.


  24. Abstract:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way; Black or White?


  25. Water crisis in India: How India should tackle it?


  26. Challenges that Air India is facing, Way forward for it.

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