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March 16, 2019


Micat 2 February 2019 questions

1) Tropic of cancer does not passes through which state?
2) Gulf oil belongs to which group?
3) One option was shasi
4) One was about books and authors
5) Imf chief economist
6) The one which had fake news award
7) Who produced first Periodic table
8) Who was not part of the Bharti movement
9) Fundamental Right: right of equality
10) Radio mirchi tagline
11) Who fought with the Mongols
12) Who creates the ease of doing business report
13) Big bazaar parent company
14) Si unit of electric charge
15) Founder/CEO of make my trip.
16) First Non Congress government in India
17) LIC tagline
18) Founder of nahni kali
19) Amul tagline
20) The type of lens used to correct myopia.

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