May 15, 2020 GKmojo

CMAT GK Test 2024

1. The Kalapani territory adjoining Lipulekh is a disputed region between India and which country?
2. The Deepest point on Earth is The Mariana trench. It is located in which ocean?
3. Which dynasty came to power in India after the Tughlaq dynasty?
4. Faguna is the folk dance of which Indian state?
5. The Tagline ‘Life is good’ belongs to which company?
6. Which of the following is not owned Facebook?
7. Ryder Cup is associated with which sport?
8. Who is the current brand ambassador of IDFC First Bank?
9. When World No tobacco day is celebrated?
10. What is R in electronic fund transfer RTGS?
11. Shora is the parliament name of which country?
12. Which country launched its new currency ‘Toman’?

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