January 21, 2017

Static GK

Static GK Topic wise

Tax system In India

Current Tax system of India

Boundary lines

Some important Boundary lines between countries.

National Park In India

List of some important national park in our country.

Some Important Geographical facts about India

Here are some important Geographical facts about India

The List of First in India

Here are first in India

Important Inventions and their Inventors

Here is the list of some important inventions and their inventors

Taglines of some important companies

check the taglines of some important companies.

Important Regional Dances

State wise important regional dances in India

Important National sports

List of some important national sportsĀ of the countries.

Film and television

Basic knowledge of films and television in India

Census 2011 Points

Bullet points for census 2011

Important Revolution in India related to production

List of some important revolution in India related to production.

Freedom struggle Timeline

Bullet points on important events of Indian freedom struggle timeline

Indian states and their capitals

Check out the capitals of all Indian states and some amazing facts.

Important days in a year

List of some important days in a year


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