SIDBI Grade A GA Course 2024

Course Fee: Rs. 500

Validity: Till SIDBI Exam 2024

Hello SIDBI Aspirants

Prepare with us for SIDBI GA for 2024 Exam.
A right module of GA could put you ahead from other aspirants. Our GA modules are very concise, relevant and updated. We guarantee that you would fetch high marks in GA with our Notes and MCQs.
We add you to whatsapp group where we conduct quizzes, live sessions , keep you updated and share important short notes

Course structure:

1) 500 must-do important questions
2) current affairs PDFs
3) General Awareness (With special reference to Banking and Financial Sector and Economic and Social Issues)
4) Other important topics note as given below in syllabus.
5) Dedicated WhatsApp group for daily and weekly important current affairs update, and static GK short notes and quizzes

Syllabus for SIDBI GA:

a. Monthly Current Affairs files of last 6 months
b. Banking & Financial sector Awareness
c. Economic and Social Issues
d. important committees and its recommendations.
e. Regulatory bodies
f. Union Budget
g. International Organizations/ Financial Institutions
h. Government Schemes: .
i. Abbreviations and Economic terminologies

Contact details:- for any query you can drop a mail to <[email protected]> or you can ping me at 8799234169.
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Note: You will be added to WhatsApp group just after registration. If you don’t use WhatsApp then WhatsApp posts will be mailed to you on daily and weekly basis.

Material is available in PDFs and will be mailed to you in LOTs.

Testimonial past students:-

Ankit sharma: Sir thanks for whatsapp grp sessions and ur notes, Your notes helped me in paper alot. thanku

Jyoti: thank you so much sir, ur gk course was indeed handy. keep up the gud work

Ramya: Thanks for material sir, very useful for my exam!!

Nishant: Thanks for your notes, attempted 130 questions.

Sai ravi kiran: Thanku sir, ur material is amazing, tests that u created were great help.