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XAT GK Test 2024

  • 1. Which Indian state has the largest forest cover?
  • 2. Which of the following is not a conglomerate?
  • 3. World Health Organization has re-appointed Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as Director-General of WHO for the second term. Tedros Adhanom is from which country?
  • 4. Which institution released a report titled ‘Child Alert’ Report?
  • 5. Smriti Irani is the Current Cabinet Minister of __________.
  • 6. Which is the oldest mountain range in india?
  • 7. is related to
  • 8. Which of the following is not the member of SAARC?
  • 9. Shekel is a ———
  • 10. Pench Tiger Reserve is located in which Indian state?
  • 11. Anthony Norman Albanese is the Current Prime Minister of __________.
  • 12. Indian Railways and which IIT institute have tied up to develop India’s first Hyperloop?
  • 13. What is the name of one nation-one digital platform that will become the nation’s digital infrastructure to provide quality e-content in school education for all the states/UTs?
  • 14. Which International Financial Organization has opened its office in GIFT City, Gandhinagar?
  • 15. International Bio Diversity Day is celebrated on which day?

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