Geography Quiz 1

  • 1. Which planet is the smallest planet in solar system?
  • 2. Doklam Plateau, a disputed place between Bhutan and China, is close to which Indian state?
  • 3. Sardar Sarovar dam, a gravity dam is situated on which river?
  • 4. The boundary line between India and Myanmar is known as?
  • 5. The state having a largest area of forest cover in India is?
  • 6. Which country has the The longest coastline in the world?
  • 7. Which Indian state produces saffron in India?
  • 8. Digboi, The oldest oil refinery is in which Indian state?
  • 9. Which of the following is not the correct match between City to river?
  • 10. Which continent has the the highest number of countries?

One thought on “Geography Quiz 1

  • ques 4 wrong
    38 parallel line —– bet north and south korea
    49 —— usa and canada
    24 —– india and pak(runn of kutch)
    17 —— north and south vietnam

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