May 12, 2017

FM Test 1

  • 1. Which of the following function of management is concerned with training and recruitment of the employees?
  • 2. The Concept of MBO was developed by
  • 3. Which of the following comes in the category of Top level management?
  • 4. Which of the following is way of verbal communication?
  • 5. As per Union budget 2018, the total amount allocated to the Textile Sector is
  • 6. Union Budget 2018 has pegged fiscal deficit for 2018-2019 as?
  • 7. FIPB is abolished, what is the full form of FIPB?
  • 8. What is the FDI limit under the government route for e-commerce sector?
  • 9. Which of the following cannot be called as a debt instrument as referred in the financial transactions?
  • 10. Which one of the following is known as the real return to the investor getting reduced due to sudden rise in the prices of the commodities?
  • 11. Where is the Headquarter of National Housing bank?
  • 12. Who is the Chairman of SEBI ( Securities exchange board of India?
  • 13. Which of the following is not the initiative of the government for financial Inclusion in India?
  • 14. Which of the following is not among the 3 pillars of BASEL III?
  • 15. The base year for CPI ( Consumer Price Index) is?
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