July 3, 2018 GKmojo

RBI GA Test 4 2024

1. In accordance with the RBI Act, the central bank is required to make a report to the government if the inflation target is not maintained for how many quarters?

2. Central statistics office has changed the base year of Index of Industrial production(IIP) from 2004-05 to –

3. Which five-year plan is also known as Liberalization of Economy?

4. World economic outlook report is released –

5. The formation of NAA to ensure that the benefits that accrue to entities due to reduction in costs passed on to customers. What is the full form of NAA?

6. What is the rank of India in Global Hunger Index 2022?

7. Which bank continues to lead the debit card market for October 2022?

8. Dudhwa National Park is situated in which Indian State?

9. Private sector RBL Bank has launched APBS for small ticket micro-finance loan disbursements. APBS stands for-

10. How many FIFA World Cup title have been won Argentina so far

11. Vijay Hazare trophy is related to which Sports?

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