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Some Important Geographical facts about India

Here are some important Geographical Points about India

1. India covers 2.4% of the Earth’s surface. Total land area of India is 32,87,263

2. Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak of India.

3. Deccan Plateau is the largest plateau of India and the Ladakh plateau is the highest plateau of India.

4. Andaman is the largest island of India and Majuli is the largest river island of world located in Assam, India.

5. India has only one dessert which is the Thar dessert. It is located in the state Rajasthan.

6. The longest Indian river is Ganga, its length is 2,640 km.

7. The world’s largest delta, (in West Bengal) Sundarban, is made Brahmaputra and Ganga.

8. Aravallis is the oldest mountain ranges of the India.

9. Agriculture
Agriculture in India: More than 50 percent of the area of the country is under the cultivation and about 64% of the Indian population is engaged in agriculture.
There are two major crop seasons in India, viz.:
(i) Rabi
(ii) Kharif
Rabi: It is sown in October or December and harvested in April or May. Major crops are: barely, wheat, peas, gram and mustard.
Kharif: It is sown in June or July and harvested in September or October.
Major crops are: Bajra, Cotton, Jowar, Rice and Jute.

10. Forests: India is covered about 24.1% forest area (as per Forest Survey Report).
Madhya Pradesh has the largest Forest cover in India among all other states.

11. Gujarat has the longest coastline among all the states in India.

12. Bangladesh shares maximum boundary with India.

13. India is divided into 28 states, 8 union territories, 1 national capital territory.

14. Rajasthan is the largest state of India followed Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP.

15. UP is the most populous state of India followed Maharashtra, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Important Questions 

1) Which country shares its maximum boundary with India? 
A. Nepal
B. Bhutan
C. Bangladesh
D. China

2) Which Indian state has the longest coastline among all the states? 
A. Goa
B. Maharashtra
C. Gujarat
D. Kerala

3) Which Indian state has the Largest forest cover in India? 
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Assam
D. Uttar Pradesh

4) Rabi crops are sown in which period?
A. June-July
B. March- April
C. October- November
D. May-June

5) Which of the following is the oldest mountain range of India? 
A. Himalayan
B. Satpura
C. Aravalli
D. None of these

6) The world’s oldest delta Sundarban is in which Indian state? 
A. Bihar
B. Tamilnadu
C. West Bengal
D. Uttarakhand

7) Majuli which is the largest river Island of world is located in
A. Karnataka
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Assam
D. Nagaland

8) India covers how much percentage of the Earth’s surface? 
A. 1.5%
B. 2.8%
C. 2.4%
D. 3.2%

9) Which of the following is the largest two states area? 
A. UP and MP
B. MP and Rajasthan
C. Maharashtra and Rajasthan 
D. MP and Maharashtra

10) Which Indian states are the two most populous states of India? 
A. Bihar and Maharashtra
B. UP and west Bengal
C. UP and Maharashtra
D. Bihar and Maharashtra


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