How to prepare for GDPI and WAT

Insight about WAT

Written Ability Test (WAT) in IIMs, IIFT, TISS, SNAP and other prestigious B-schools is 15 to 20 minutes essay writing. You have to write essay in very limited time duration of around 20 minutes. Word limit is generally 250 to 350 words.

1) You should practice writing at least 15 to 25 essays on different topics before going for actual WAT.
2) Structure your essay in three parts – Introduction, Body, and conclusion.
3) You are advised to give wholesome picturesque on given topic in essay. Don’t only write Pros or Cons.
4) Write multiple paragraphs with sub headings. For logical flow, ending of previous paragraph must be connected with the start of next paragraph.
5) Avoid using short forms, abbreviations, and language you use in social channels.

GD: – Group Discussion or group exercise

Here you will be 12-15 People and a topic would be given to you.
And you are supposed to put your views on given topic. It is a discussion and you are supposed to evaluate the topic popping up good and bad sides. So be neutral, don’t take any side. Provide valid points to showcase your knowledge.
You will be given a sheet, Jot down your points and speak few of them first and then rest later.

Keep few things in mind-

• Be calm and composed.
• Initiating and concluding the topic brings more points
• Don’t interrupt in between, speak when someone is finished.
• Keep your voice little louder. It shows your dominance. But don’t shout.
• Ask to participate someone who is not speaking. It shows your leadership skills.
• Always look into eyes of your participants,
• Don’t look down or stare judges.
• Keep your entries optimum: A typical GD runs for about 15-20 minutes so speaking for 5-7 times for 30-40 seconds can be considered optimum.

How to prepare for PI

Personal Interview starts with basic questions like about yourself, your hobbies, your recent trips, or books that you read, your family background, education background, about job, your greatest strength or weakness. Then it goes little deep.
Keep yourself in calm position. It is not a question-answer session; It is about expressing yourself and shows them why you are eligible to be selected. Don’t Beat around the Bush. Answer smartly. Do your homework before interview. Rehearse of your answers.

Your homework includes:-
1) Meaning of your name,
2) Frame a best answer for about yourself question?
3) History of the place from where you belong?
4) Family background?
5) Background of the magazines  or newspaper that you follow?
6) Headlines of the today/Yesterday?
7) If you are working then what is your Job profile, your leadership skills that you showed in your job?
8) History of your company, CEO and MD of company, Stock price etc

9) How you or your parents save taxes?
10) Read about the Places that you visited recently?
11) Why MBA?
12) Why that particular institute?
13) Why leaving such good job?
14) Why a gap between graduation?
15) Your long term and short term plans?
16) Your ideal person?
17) Sport that you like and follow, read about it thoroughly
18) Interviewer can ask your take on recent current affairs topic like: Introduction of Cheetahs in India, Inflation, Sexual harassment at workplace, Smart Cities, G20 Summit, Russia-Ukraine War, Digital Rupee in India, Startup culture in India etc
19) Frame your answers for questions: what would you do if you are made PM of this country? Or you won a lottery?
20) What you want to do for society?
21) Recent book that you read, its story, writer and history of writer?
22) Favorite singer if your hob is to listen music , what kind of genre you like?
23) Your biggest strength or weakness?
24) What is repo rate , what is inflation? how we measure it?. Read about recent monetary Policy of RBI.
25) Read about Recent Union Budget, Economic Survey, Government schemes 
26) Whom you were supporting in recent election? and why? or Name the 5 states where elections are being held soon.
27) What is Question hour?, Difference between Bill and Act?, How a bill is passed? Read about Constitutional process in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. 


Topics for GD and WAT 2024

Topics for WAT & GD

Here are some Important topics for WAT & GDPI 2024 for MBA Aspiring students and Government job aspiring students.

  1. Digital Rupee: How it works, what are the challenges and way forward

  2. Use of Artificial Intelligence in day to day life

  3. What should be done government to improve Startup culture in Country?

  4. Labour & Migration problems in India. suggest ways to improve it.

  5. Air pollution in Indian cities and Urbanization

  6. Digital Education in India, suggest ways to improve?

  7. Merging public sector banks, A right step to revive Banking sector in India?

  8. Health Standard in India. How govt should improve health facility to fight Pandemic in future?

  9. Biased Media is a real threat to Indian Democracy

  10. Work for home trend is win -win situation for all?

  11. Pros and Cons of Online shopping and E-commerce?

  12. NPA Problem of Banks: Challenges, way forward, its effects on Public

  13. GST ( Goods and services tax): How GST is changing the business scenario of India?

  14. How Technology is changing the face of education?

  15. Social networking in our lives?

  16. There is no “I” in teamwork. Explain.

  17. Exorbitant rise in Prices of Vegetables, and still farmers are facing losses. Discuss

  18.  Smart Cities Vs. Rising pollution levels of metropolitan

  19. Effect of Social media on our daily life

  20. Uniform civil Code in India, Discuss Challenges

  21. Are Gandhi ji and his teachings relevant in today’s world?

  22. Changing landscape in banking sector and its challenges

  23. Opinion based topics: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage; Nuclear Family or Joint Family, etc.

  24. Argumentative/ Controversial topics: Reservation should be removed; Quota System should be abolished, etc.

  25. Abstract:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way; Black or White?

  26. Water crisis in India: How India should tackle it?

  27. Female Participation in Indian workforce