How to prepare for FM Paper of RBI Grade B Exam

FM paper is scoring one. Management part can be covered easily. Major topics are communication, Corporate governance, Leadership, Motivation, Ethics etc.
New syllabus is added in this paper in 2023, You also get MCQs on Balance sheets, cash flow statement, profit and loss statement.

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Self study Guide

Here are list of books for FM Paper:

  1. Finance
    Bharti Pathak 
    Prasanna Chandra (Only Selected Numerical Topics)
  2. Management
    LM Prasad,
    Summary Sheet and IGNOU Notes
Important Chapters of of the following books:-

A. Financial Management (Prasanna Chandra):-
3. Financial Statements
4. Analysis of Financial Statement
6. Time Value of Money
7. Valuations of Bonds and Stocks
8. Risk and Return (do not study in detail) – study about Beta
11. Techniques of Capital Budgeting
40. Corporate Risk management
B. Principles and Practices of Management (L N Prasad):-
1. Introduction to management
4. Social Responsibility and Ethics
5. Fundamentals of Planning (not in all details)
6. Organisational Plans (not in all details)
8. Fundamentals of Organizing (not in all details)
9. Power and Authority
10. Conflict and Coordination (not in all details)
11. Organisational Change
12 Fundamental of staffing
13. Employee Development and Performance Appraisal
14 Fundamentals of Directing (in complete details)
15. Motivation (in complete details)
16. Leadership
17. Communication
C. The India Financial System – Bharati V Pathak:-
1. The Financial System: An Introduction
3. Reforms in Financial System
4. The Money Market
5. The Capital Market
6. The Primary Market (Do not go to the every details and procedures, understand terms and concepts)
8. The Secondary Market (Do not go to the every details and procedures, understand terms and concepts)
9. The Derivative Market (Understand 4 types of derivatives, do not go into details)
13. Banking and Non-Banking Institutions
14. Management of NPAs banks
15. Mutual Funds (page 537-540)
19. Credit Rating (Introduction only)
24. Financial Regulation
Online Websites that you can follow:
  • IAS Parliament
  • PIB Website
  • Investopedia
  • Wikipedia
  • Search topics on Google 

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