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April 24, 2017

International Boundary Lines between various countries

It is very important topic for various examinations as Questions do come from this topic regularly. So You should know about the Important International Boundary Lines between various countries.

  • Durand line: The boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan

  • Radcliffe line: The boundary line between India and Pakistan

  • Macmohan line: The boundary line between china and India

  • 17th Parallel ‐ The line which defines the boundary between North Vietnam and South Vietnam before the two were united.

  • 24th Parallel ‐ The boundary line between India and Myanmar

  • 38th parallel: The boundary line between North and South Korea

  • 49th Parallel ‐ It is the boundary line between the United States of America and Canada.

  • Oder–Neisse line : The boundary line between Germany and Poland

  • Hindenburg Line: The boundary line between Germany and Poland

  • Maginot Line:  The boundary line between France and Germany