Target RBI Phase 2 English paper

RBI Grade B Phase 2:-

  1. 3 papers in Phase 2,
  2. Each with 100 marks and 90 minutes
  3. English paper is the easiest among these three.

English Paper:-
This paper comprises of 3 sections:

  • Précis writing:
    One Paragraph which you have to write in prescribed word limit. Précis writing is just a summary in your language of the paragraph without altering any information given there.
  • Comprehension:
    One RC and around 4 Questions from it.
    Questions are direct and can be written from the RC.
    Just write down in your words.
  • Essay
    There would be 5 topics given there for essay.
    Choose one and write on it.
    Write in word limits;
    choose the topics wisely, of course the one on which you know maximum facts. Keep your essay format like that:- Introduction….content…conclusion.

For your reference, 

2017 English Paper:-

  • Comprehension topic:
    Business Forecasting

  • Essay writing topics:

    (a) Nuclear Power Plant
    (b) NPA
    (c) Digitisation and Ransomware
    (d) Merger of SBI
    (e) Centralization of Higher Education

  • Précis writing topics:
    Gold and Paper Currency


  • Here are some important topics for Essay.

    Read about them

    1. Innovation in Banking- The emerging role for technology and AI
    2. Steps Taken Govt or RBI to Tackle NPA
    3. How digitization is strengthening Indian Economy & Democracy?
    4. Discuss Government’s Steps for Women Empowerment(Woman Reservation Bill)?
    5. Social Media: fake news and mob lynching?
    6. How to effectively manage natural disasters like floods and storms
    7. Building resilient brand India amidst global uncertainty
    8. Urbanisation and its side-effects
    9. Cyberspace and Internet: Blessing or curse to human civilization in the long run.
    10. India, a $5 trillion Economy – Dream or Reality?
    11. Labour Reforms in India and its Role in Economic Growth.