Target RBI Phase 2 English paper 2019

RBI Grade B Phase 2 2019:-

  1. 3 papers in Phase 2,
  2. Each with 100 marks and 90 minutes
  3. English paper easiest among these three.

English Paper:-
This paper comprises of 3 sections:

  • Précis writing:
    One Paragraph which you have to write in prescribed word limit. Précis writing is just a summary in your language of the paragraph without altering any information given there.

  • Comprehension:
    One RC and around 4 Questions from it.
    Questions are direct and can be written from the RC.
    Just write down in your words.

  • Essay
    There would be 5 topics given there for essay.
    Choose one and write on it.
    Write in word limits;
    choose the topics wisely, of course the one on which you know maximum facts.Keep your essay format like that:- Introduction….content…conclusion.


For your reference, 

2017 English Paper:-

  • Comprehension topic:
    Business Forecasting

  • Essay writing topics:

    (a) Nuclear Power Plant
    (b) NPA
    (c) Digitisation and Ransomware
    (d) Merger of SBI
    (e) Centralization of Higher Education

  • Précis writing topics:
    Gold and Paper Currency

    Here are some important topics for Essay.

    Read about them

    1. Fugitive Economic Offender’s Bill 2017

    2. Steps Taken Govt or RBI to Tackle NPA?

    3. Jan-Dhan Yojana and Minimum Balance Penalty- How will it work?

    4. How digitization is strengthening Indian Economy & Democracy?

    5. PM Kisan Yojana?

    6. Role of Payment Banks in Indian Banking System

    7. Discuss Government’s Steps for Women Empowerment?

    8. Ayushman Bharat : National health protection scheme

    9. Saubhagya Scheme

    10. What is behind India’s 30 step jumps in ease of doing business- What does it means to Indians?

    • Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2017

    1. Social Media: fake news and mob lynching?

    2. Swachh Bharat Campaign. Success or failure?

    3. Doubling farmer’s income 2022, Steps taken government

    4. How to effectively manage natural disasters like floods and storms?