SSC CGL 2018 Prelims Preparation Tips

Guys, Here are some serious tips for SSC CGL 2018 Prelims Exam. If you ponder upon these tips, You can easily qualify Prelims.

So tips are: 

  1. Give Mock Tests and Take Every test seriously

    Take every mock test seriously and don’t attempt it just for the sake of ticking it off your to do list. Give mocks like a real exam. This will not only help you prepare well for your SSC CGL exam but will also help you get over your exam phobia. You can learn time management from here. 

      2. Attempt Smartly

  • SSC CGL exam does not have any sectional cutoff. So, use this to your advantage and attempt maximum questions from your strong areas. 
  • As per trend followed in previous papers of SSC CGL, one can easily figure out the commonly asked questions of this exam, and emphasize more on their preparation to score better. Identify such questions in test and attempt them first.


     3. Know your limits,  Don’t waste time on any Question

  • If you are not sure of any question or correct method to solve it, then skip it rather than wasting too much time on it.
  • Avoid attempting your weaker topics in first 30 minutes of exam and don’t use guesswork in the exam. 
      4. Analyze how you performed
  • Proper analysis of online mock test helps you figure out your mistakes, which can be avoided in future.
    So make sure you don’t repeat such mistakes in future. 

So Guys these were some tips which might help you to excel Tier of SSC CGL 2018 Exam.

All the best 🙂