Micat GK is one of its kind, Questions revolve around advertising, marketing, logos, taglines, appointments, major campaign etc

So here are some important areas for micat GK:
1) LOGOs of the companies 
2) Taglines of the companies
3) Brand ambassadors 
4) Major advertising campaigns
5) marketing
6) National and international affairs ( only social icons, CEOs, MDs , appointments )
7) Basic general knowledge
8) Founders, start ups, products etc
9) National and international affairs covering major news, awards, sports etc
10) Some cultural aspects , economy at national level

So these are the areas where you find more than 85% questions in the paper. 

Previous MICAT GK Questions

1) Connecting India is the tagline of : BSNL
2) Speaker of lok sabha: Sumitra Mahajan
3) Upper cap in FDI in telecom: 100%
4) Which company dropped “das auto”: Volkswagen 
5) Think different is the tagline of :  Apple 
6) prannoy Roy is associated with :  NDTV
7) Who won silver medal in 2016 summer Olympics in badminton: PV sindhu
8) Which of the following is owned Alphabet:  Google
9) Vice president of US:  mike pence
10) 1st full length feature film in india: Raja Harishchandra
11) Game of throne was streamed on: hotstar
12) Match the following type questions on tagline of NIKE, BMW, Tesco, L’OREAL, FIAT, MERCEDES, Chevrolet, 
13) LOGOs of Audi, Starbucks, Michelin, target , freecharge etc
14) Who succeeded late jayalalitha as CM of tamilnadu: O pannerselvam 
15) Taking india to the world is the tag line of : aditya birla grp
16) twitter sewa service is started which ministry: Foreign ministry
17) To increase domestic production which scheme is launched modi government: Make in India
18) m-pesa was originated from which country: Kenya
19) Gymnast Dipa Karmakar is related to which state: Tripura
20) Which amendment act was the GST bill: 101st
21) Which company acquired LinkedIn: Microsoft
22) Founder of paytm: Vijay shekhar Sharma
23) Who was in the 1st batch of people who was awarded Bharat ratna:  CV Raman
24) ajay bijli and sanjeev bijli belong to : PVR cinema

25) Logos of dabur, snapdeal, kotak mahindra, 
26) 1st company to be listed to NASDAQ: Infosys
27) which country’s sovereign wealth fund is investing USD 3.5 billion in UBER: Saudi Arabia
28) What is full form of TPP: Trans pacific partnership
29) Which head of the government had to resign because of a referendum related to the EU: David Cameron 
30) Who created the amul girl campaign: Sylvester Da cunha 

So these were the GK questions that were asked in MICAT Exam, 
More than 90% Questions do come from our course 

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