February 20, 2017

MBA GK Course with GK Test Series for IIFT TISS SNAP XAT CMAT MICAT 2018-19

Course fee: 600 Rupees

Course validity:  Till Feb 2019

Note:- After payment, You get added to 2 whatsapp groups, 
One whatsapp group is for daily and weekly important updates and short notes sharing. Other whatsapp group is for regular quizzes and discussion sessions on the files that we send you. 
If you don’t use whatsapp then you will be added to secret Facebook group fro quizzes and sessions. 
Material is sent to you in PDFs through mail. You get exam specific MCQs sets and Notes.
We conduct 30+ exam specific tests for each exam. 

After exams, You get important articles, notes for GDPI & WAT too as part of this GK course. 

Dear MBA Aspirants,

We are unbeatable MBA GK Course provider with GK Questions strike rate of 85%+ in IIFT/TISS/SNAP/MiCAT/XAT/CMAT

Notice: GK plays a major role in above mentioned exams and also in GDPI and WAT. Reading GK just few weeks before exams, is a wrong practice. Better Join now and keep yourself updated regularly for whole year. 

Trusted by thousands of serious aspirants every year, who land up in top institutes, We are proven one of the best in providing MBA GK Notes and MCQs for IIFT/TISS/SNAP/XAT/MICAT etc.

In these competitive times, To be abreast of all current affairs and important static awareness is a necessity. Since, many competitive exams test this competence, it becomes even more essential to not lag behind. In entrances like IIFT, SNAP, TISS, MICAT, XAT etc., being aware of all the happenings can provide you a competitive edge over others. But don’t worry, we are here for you to provide a one stop solution for all your GK related needs. Though, there is no dearth of availability of GK capsules but we at GKbuddy, develop a very crisp , concise module for all the aspirants ,after taking due consideration of all the previous papers.

The details of the course are as follows:

(1) Must do 1000 important exam specific questions with detailed answers. We organize hundreds of quizzes before you appear in exam.

(2) Concise Static GK notes (Basic GK, History, Geography, Polity, Economics, and static business news, Social issues, Census, National parks, UNESCO World heritage sites, stadium).
Some static GK topics LIKE Labour law, trade union, world history etc are for TISS only.

(3) Notes on Current affairs (month-wise since JAN 2018). It comprises of current business news,major national and international affairs, economics affairs, latest awards, latest books and authors, summits, government schemes, sports news etc.

a) for SNAP Exam, You will get current affairs of last 2 years.
b) We will provide topic wise files, like one file for sports, one file for awards etc

(4) 2 WhatsApp Groups -one for daily and weekly important current affairs detailed updates & other for static GK topic wise short note sharing.
If you don’t use whatsapp, then secret Facebook group for same features.

(5) Various MBA exams (IIFT,TISS,XAT,SNAP,IRMA,MAT,CMAT, MICAT) specific material.
Like For MICAT: logos, brands and products, taglines, advertisements, marketing GK etc

(6) Special Notes, mocks and quiz sessions – 10 each for IIFT , TISS NET, SNAP, MICAT and XAT.

7) Material containing notes and MCQs will be mailed in LOTs.

(8) Tips and tricks to remember static GK in an easier way.

(9) What makes us different from other courses is- 24*7 hr availability for doubts and queries!!

(10) Important Articles and topic file for GDPI.

Students strength:-

Enrollments in 2015 season- 1200+ students
Enrollments in 2016 season- 1500+ students
Enrollments in 2017 season – 2410+ students
Enrollments in 2018 season – Live 

For any query :
Feel free to Ping me on 08447098199 or drop in , an email to “suryansh23@gmail.com”

About us:
We are putting our heart and soul into this course to ensure that you are able to perform exceptionally well in GK . Continuously giving MBA exams for Questions reference, and you will get relevant data only.
Our Team’s credentials: 4 yrs Exp. of teaching GK to more than 5k students, CMAT AIR 3, CAT 98%+ Twice, IIFT 99.5%+ Twice, TISS call, SNAP call, Mhcet-99%+ etc

Testimonials by our students and their achievements:

Vipul Gupta:
Thank you so much sir!! scored 99% in SNAP 2016 and GK played the biggest part I guess. Sincere thanks to you. god bless you sir. You are doing a great job: Batch D, Vipul Gupta.

Ria: Sir, i don’t think i would be able to thank you enough. GK was a breeze for me. could attempt 23 questions in SNAP. thank you so much.

Abhijeet: 20 Dec ko aapka course join kiya tha. bharosa karke apka material padta raha. GK me approx. 32 correct hain. overall 88. Thank you. (TISS 2016-17)

Dr. Amit: Sir I just followed your notes for TISS GK, and There were direct questions from notes, Finally converted TISS Mumbai. All thanks to you dear sir.

Aritra sen: by just following suryansh sir’s instructions I got 98.4% in GK in MAT 2015 and cracked IIFT, SNAP , Micat etc.

shivangi: sir attempted 17 questions in IIFT with 100% accuracy, nailed it. thanks

C Shiva: Thank you sir for your TISS GK notes , I attempted 15 questions, and all are correct.

Suvadip rang: Thanks to you for conducting daily quizzes before IIFT, Got 8 marks in IIFT GK 2016. It was ur hard work sir!!

Siddhartha: thank you sir for 13 correct questions, I was blushing seeing direct questions in paper from ur notes and MCQs. your course is better than many active gk course in market.

Shweta: I got into IIM L sir, I am again subscribing your course. It would help me in getting job. The way you manage whatsapp groups and keep us updated is mind-blowing sir.

Lakshay: I got into XLRI sir and I subscribed your course again for 2 years. Keep me updated.

Nishant: I converted IIFT Delhi sir. thanks for your round the clock help, I miss your quiz sessions.

Udit Bansal: Just wanted to say that joining GKmojo has been the best decision for GK, You really doing an amazing job , Being a working professional , It gets difficult to follow up on each piece of news, however , the daily night sessions keep me updated.

dikshant rana: Sir what notes, simply amazing!! Thanks alot sir!!

Saachi : I have been able to score around 6 marks in IIFT 2016 by doing GK through ur files. I joined ur course late sir, I should hv joined it earlier!!

Saahil : I gave IIFT and had joined different GK Course, then I joined yours and found big big difference. appeared in MICAT 2016 , and most of the GK Questions in MICAT were frm ur notes sir, I attempted 18 out of 25, all are correct and all were frm ur notes. Thank u so much sir!!

Ruchi : followed ur grp only and found questions in MICAT paper which u repeatedly kept asking us in grp. GR8 work sir!!

Utakarsh : solved 26/30 questions with 100% in SNAP 2016.

Shipra : Thankyou so much sir for preparing us well in GK..25 Questions were direct from lot 1 and lot 2. I attempted 21 with 100% accuracy. Ur course turned out to be a game changer in this year’s snap.

Anik : attempted 23 in snap with ease. All thanks to ur efforts sir.

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