GK in TISSNET Exam plays a very vital role. This section is deciding one for students. To get a call from TISS, every student desires to get 30+ marks in GK. But it is not easy to get 30+ in GK, To make it possible, you need to target right content, right topics and practice adequate amount of important questions before you appear for the exam.

at GKmojo, We do a lot of research on the papers and then we develop our content, MCQs sets and GK tests. 

If we talk about TISS, in 2015, There were 31 Qs direct from our TISS Modules, and in 2016, There were 34 Qs direct from our TISS modules.
There were 32 Qs in 2017, 26 Qs in 2018, 25 Qs in 2019, 27 Qs in 2020, 36 Qs in 2021 & 34 Qs in 2022

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Here are some of the important areas for TISS GK:-

1) Last 1 year current affairs on social issues, deaths, cases, economic affairs, national and international major affairs

2) Art and culture: Traditional dances, famous artists and their fields, Customs etc

3) Sports personalities and their sports Major sports tournaments

4) Recent Awards and honors

5) Prize winning Books and authors

6) Government schemes

7) Basic economy: RBIGDP sector wise, Budget highlights, revolutions in agriculture sector, high crop producing states etc

8) General science (Around 10 important topics)

9) Committees formed RBI and Government

10) Socio-economic affairs (Last 1 year)

11) History: Timeline of Indian freedom struggle, Nick names of freedom fighters, books written them, Major achievements in social and economical front after independence, Major ancient history related to art and culture

12) Current affairs based Polity and geography

13) Labour law, Trade unions, NGOs in news

14)  World organizations: Economic organizations, UN organizations, human right organizations, terrorist organizations etc which were in news.

15) Important bills passed Indian government like GST, Maternity bill, RERA etc ( recent bills and acts)

16) Politics (1st in India and in neighboring countries, politicians who were remarkable, current cabinet, governors and CMs 

17) Environmental issues (affairs, environmental conventions, river disputes, renewable energy)

So these were some important topics for tissnet exam. 

Here are Memory based GK Qs from TISSNET Exam:-

1) Kathakali is a dance form from which state:  Kerala 
2) Which sector’s contribution in India’s GDP has increased the most in past few years: Services
3) Dipa Karmakar is associated with which sports:  Gymnastics
4) Ozone layer is found in :  Stratosphere
5) Atal Pension yojana is for:  Old persons in unorganized sector
6) Section 377 pertains to : Homosexuality
7) Who is the author of poverty and unbritish rule in India: Dada Bhai Naoroji
8) Share of agriculture in India’s GDP: around 15%
9) Rowlatt Act was passed in the year: 1919
10) Minimum wages act was enacted in the year: 1948
11) Magsaysay award 2016 was awarded to: bezwada wilson and TM Krishna
12) Which of the following committees pertains to BCCI: Lodha Committee
13) Indus water treaty was signed Jawaharlal Nehru and :   Ayub Khan 
14) Which of the following protocols deals with reduction in emission of greenhouse gases: Kyoto Protocol
15) Which of the following is not under UN: OPEC
16) Irom Sharmila is from which state: Manipur 
17) Which of the following is an indirect tax: GST
18) NPT is related to:  Nuclear proliferation 
19) India’s entry for Oscars 2016: Visaranai 
20) Who is known as frontier Gandhi:  Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan 
21) Industrial expansion has led to increase in concentration of which gas: Carbon Dioxide
22) Operation flood is related to:  Milk
23) Which of the following won gold in Rio olympicsingles badminton tournament: Carolina Marin 
24) Objective of BIFR is:  Reviving Sick companies
25) How does National food security act lead to women empowerment?: Eldest woman of the household to be head of the house for issuing ration cards
26) ESI is for: Health insurance and social security
27) permit representing right to emit carbon: Carbon credit
28) Which terrorist organisation is based in north Nigeria: Boko Haram
29) Aadhe Adhure was authored :  Mohan rakesh 
30) Which of the following is not a traditional gharana for kathak: Bikaner
31) Matriliny is practised in which tribe:  Khasi 
32) Computer language used for AI : Prolog
33) Nitish katara murder case was classified as: honour killing
34) Australian antigen related to: Hepatitis B
35) 1857 1st war of Indian independence is also known as: Indian Mutiny
36) Vishaka Judgement pertains to: Sexual harassment 
37) sachar committee is related to socioeconomic condition of : Muslim
38) Which organ can regenerate itself: liver
39) Who was the 1st PM of Bangladesh:  Tajuddin Ahmad
40) Question on forest right act

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