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XAT GK Course 2024-25 GKmojo

Price:  Rs. 350

Course Validity:  Jan 2025

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Dear XAT Aspirants,
You have come to the right place if you want to excel GK section of XAT, We are high rated and highly recommended source since 5 years for XAT GK as we have GK Questions strike rate of 80%+ in XAT.

Course validity: Till Jan 2025

The details of XAT GK Course are as follows:

81) XAT Notes

A. XAT Specific Current affairs, 
B. Business affairs
C. Indian Economy Basics
D. Stock Exchanges, Capital and currency, Important days in a year
E. Military exercises, Recent summits, International Organizations
F. LOGOs, Taglines, Newly appointed CEOs & MDs, recent mergers and acquisitions
G. Basic History, Geography, polity
H. Recent awards and honours, Recent books and authors, Recent sports tournaments n events
I. Name of Parliaments, Airports, Airlines, Dams, Rivers and cities, National Parks etc
J. Rankings of India, Reports, Information about RBI & Basic Banking awareness
K. Foreign Trade, Ports, Transports etc

2) 10 XAT GK Mocks

3) 12 monthly Current affairs GK Tests

4) 10 Static GK Tests

5) 500 Important Questions sets file for XAT 2025

6) You will get added to WhatsApp group where We will keep you updated for whole year 2024, We will share short notes, test links and details, also 24*7 hr. availability for any doubts and queries!!

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Testimonials our students and their achievements:

shivangi: sir attempted 17 questions with 100% accuracy, nailed it. thanks

Suvadip rang: Thanks to you for conducting daily quizzes before exams, Got 8 marks in GK. It was ur hard work sir!!

Umang : 7.5 marks because of your material. thanx

Some GK Questions from Past years 

A. Which of the following brands is NOT currently owned an Indian company?

  1.  Allen Solly
  2.  Dettol
  3.  La Opala
  4.  Monte Carlo
  5.  Royal Enfield

Answer: Option 2

B. Where is Hadrian’s Wall located?

  1.  China
  2.  Afghanistan
  3.  Rome
  4.  England
  5.  Ladakh

Answer: Option 4

C. Which of the followings is the oldest mountain range?

  1.  Himalayas
  2.  Nilgiri Hills
  3.  Satpuras
  4.  Karakoram
  5.  Aravalis

Answer: Option 5

D. In which of the following countries is Tamil an official language?

  1.  Maldives
  2.  Mynamar
  3.  Sri Lanka
  4.  Singapore
  5.  Both C & D above

Answer: Option 5

E. The words “Satyameva Jayate “, inscribed on Indian currency are taken from :

  1.  Mahabharat
  2. Mundak Upanishad
  3.  Rigveda
  4.  Shakuntala
  5.  A passage to lndia

Answer: Option 2