MICA(MBA) Selection Process and Other details

Selection Process

Candidates who demonstrate aptitude for expressing, assessing, and /or conceiving ideas that move people to action and achieve business results tend to stand a better chance of being shortlisted.

MICA selection is a 3-step process as detailed below:


Each candidate must have taken at least one of the three exams: CAT/ XAT/GMAT (CAT / XAT / GMAT).

Note: Kindly update your score options in the online application form which you would like to submit (i.e. CAT, XAT & GMAT). After receiving your CAT score, XAT Registration No. and GMAT score, please update the details on our website. (Please mention your XAT Registration no. only and we will collect the score from XLRI).

Step-II: MICA Admission Test (MICAT).

All candidates are assessed on MICAT, which consists of 3 sections

  • Section A: Psychometric Test
  • Section B: (has 4 sub-sections) – Verbal ability, Quantitative ability and Data Interpretation, General awareness; Divergent and Convergent Thinking
  • Section C: Descriptive Test.

Step-III: GE & PI:  All the candidates shortlisted on the basis of their performance
in CAT/XAT/GMAT & MICAT shall appear for both Group Exercise (GE)
& Personal Interview (PI).

Preparation of Shortlist of the candidates for GE & PI

  1. Section A of MICAT (Psychometric test) is a qualifier.

  2. Those who qualify on the Psychometric, their relative performance on CAT/XAT/GMAT will be considered. Candidates clearing a minimum cut-off in CAT /XAT total percentile/GMAT score shall be considered.

  3. Those who qualify based on the CAT/XAT/GMAT performance, their  Section B of MICAT will be assessed.

  4. Those who qualify on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in *Normalized Scores of Section B of MICAT shall have their Section C of MICAT assessed. Each section will have its own cut-off.

  5. Those who qualify on the basis of a, b, c and d (on the basis of relative performance subject to a minimum cut-off in Normalized Scores of Section C of MICAT) shall be considered for short listing for GE and PI. Short listed candidates will be called for GE and PI at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai. (GE & PI candidate list is prepared on the Composite Score formula of 50% CAT/XAT/GMAT and 50% MICAT scores)

Final Merit List Preparation

Important for Candidates who have opted for Admission to both PGDM-C and PGDM

Admission will be granted on the basis of merit and subsequently the consideration of the choice of the programme will be factored in.

Once a candidate, as per the merit list, is offered admission from the programme of his/her first priority, then his/her name will be automatically be withdrawn from the list of the candidates in the programme of his second priority.

If the candidate, as per the movement of the merit list, is offered admission in the Programme of his/her second priority, then the candidate has to choice to accept the offer with an undertaking that he/she is willing to withdraw his/her name from the list of the programme of his/her first priority OR he/she may refuse to accept this offer and continue to feature on the waitlist of the programme of his/her first priority.

All those candidates who appear in GE & PI are considered for the final merit list MUST be RECOMMENDED  majority of the panelists of PI

  1. All those who meet the criteria described above, their final composite score shall be created based on the following weightage:

    • CAT/XAT/GMAT: 20%

    • MICAT: 30%

    • GE: 20%

    • PI: 30%

End Notes:

  • MICAT is a Computer Based Test (CBT) used for selection of PGDM/PGDM-C 2020-2022 batch. It is conducted twice a year in over 48 cities across the country. Better of the two MICAT Scores is considered. A candidate may choose to write both MICAT I & II. Section A, B, and C of MICAT may not appear in the same order.

  • If a candidate has appeared for more than one exam (CAT, XAT and GMAT) the better of the two/ best of the three exams’ performance will be considered.

*Calculation of Normalized Scores:

  1. The score obtained individually a candidate in a particular sub-section of MICAT-I/MICAT-II, e.g. Verbal Ability will be converted into a Normalized Score.

    1. Scores shall be normalized using appropriate statistical methods considering scores of all qualifying candidates up to the stage applicable to the candidate. Normalized scores will be calculated for each sub section separately.

  2. Total MICAT-I/MICAT-II score will also be Normalized using appropriate statistical methods.


  • The exact cut-offs mentioned above are based on previous years’ MICAT data and this may vary year to year. In view of this fact the Admissions Committee of MICA reserves the right of changing the same if deemed desirable in the light of the data.

  • Approximately 1/10th of the total number of candidates who appear in the two MICATs will be shortlisted for GE & PI based on CAT/XAT/ GMAT and the total MICAT Score.