August 13, 2020 GKmojo

SEBI GA & Finance GK Test 2023

1. Which country has become the newest member of the BRICS New Development Bank?
2. Which company Launched India’s 1st Pocket Android POS Device?
3. Which country is the largest recipient of Foreign Remittance?
4. What is the Foreign Direct investment (FDI) limit, allowed in insurance intermediaries?
5. The UN World Tourism Organization recently released its ‘UNWTO World Tourism Barometer report’. Where is the head-quarters of UNWTO located?
6. Who takes oath as new Lt Governor of Jammu & Kashmir?
7. Which among the following states is largest producer of Coffee in India?
8. An investor or speculator who subscribes to a new issue with the intention of selling them soon after allotment to realize a quick profit is called?
9. Which nation has become the first one in the Arab world to produce nuclear energy?
10. As per the recent changes in the direct tax system, what is the number of days NRIs needed to spend in India to qualify as Indian tax resident?

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