May 12, 2017

ESI Test 1

  • 1. What is the rank of India in Ease of Doing business report 2018?
  • 2. What is the full form of PKVY, a skill development program launched by PM Modi targeted at Indian youth seeking overseas employment to make India the skill capital of the World?
  • 3. In which state sex ratio touched 900 mark for the 1st time in 20 years?
  • 4. Mission Fingerling is associated with
  • 5. Which of the following committee was formed on border protection and gave its recommendations on the issues of threat and border protection etc?
  • 6. GAAR is going to be effective from arpil, 2017, which is seeking to addree concerns of foreign investors over implementation of the anti-evasion measure , What is the full form of GAAR?
  • 7. Kundukulam Nuclear power station is situated in which Indian state?
  • 8. As per the census 2011, which of the following state has the highest fertility rate in India?
  • 9. Which of the following factor is not a contributing factor in economic growth?
  • 10. Pension fund is regulated by which of the following organization?
  • 11. Ease of doing business report is published by ?
  • 12. Right to Information Act came into force in?
  • 13. Economic Survey 2017-18, expects the GDP growth to be in the range of ……….% in 2018-19?
  • 14. The digital payment BHIM app was developed by which of the following organization?
  • 15. According to the union budget 2018, What is the set target for lending under MUDRA?
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