TISS GK Questions 2019 with Answers

GK was on tougher side this year.

Questions were from current affairs, history, geography, polity, sports, awards, books, social issues, science & technology, Bills and acts etc. 

A score of 25+ is the ideal score this year in GK.

Here are all the Questions with answers:

  1. In India, Right to property is a…………
    Ans: Legal Right

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo Polity Notes.

  2. Nobel Prize for medicine in 2018 was awarded  for
    Answer:  for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 8

  3. In 2018, Mary Kom won her 6th gold medal in 48 kg category at world boxing championships, whom did she defeat?
    Answer: Hanna Okhata

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 4.

  4. National Health mission of India seeks to achieve?
    Answer: All of the above

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 9

  5. Which is the highest Sports honour in India?
    Answer: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo Notes 10

  6. Choose correct film and Director combination that was India’s entry in best foreign film category for 2018 Oscar awards?
    Answer: Village rockstars: Rima Das

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo Notes (Current affairs files + film and television note)

  7. What is zero hour in parliament?
    Answer: When member can raise Important Questions

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo Polity Notes.

  8. The UN Sustainable development goals, launched in sept 2-15, have…….goals and …targets?
    Answer: 17 goals and 169 targets

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 10, tiss file

  9. In 2018, the future policy gold award of the UN FAO was given to which Indian state?
    Answer: Sikkim (1st organic state of India)

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo TISS MCQs 3

  10. Which 2 teams reached the final of Men’s hockey World cup 2018?
    Answer: Belgium and Netherlands

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo December Current affairs PDFs

  11. 1st non-indian to receive Bharat Ratna?
    Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo Bharat Ratna Short Note

  12. Name of the light combat aircraft developed by India indigenously?
    Answer: Tejas

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS MCQs 5

  13. Global Environment outlook is
    Answer: A series of Report on the Environment prepared by UN.

    Note: Common sense Qs

  14. According to BR Ambedkar which one of the following was considered as the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Indian Constitution?
    Answer: Right to Constitutional remedies

    Note: It was from GKmojo MCQs
  15. The Most Toxic Greenhouse Gas is
    Answer: CO2

    Note: TISS Qs PDF File 1, You can solve out by knowing which are green house gases, like CO is not a greenhouse gas, that way You can rule out options and solve accordingly.

  16. Which writ means “we command”?
    Answer: Mandamus

  17. Which Indian river crosses tropic of cancer twice?
    Answer: Mahi

  18. Which of the following  is not correct about “yellow vest” movement?
    Answer: Protesters demanding favorable policy for the immigrants

  19. Who led salt satyagarha movement along with Mahatma Gandhi?
    Answer: Sarojini Naidu

  20. Jangarh singh shayam, the acclaimed artist was associated with which form of painting?
    Answer: Gond

  21. The salient feature of Indian Parliamentary system is that
    Answer: Executive responsible to legislature

  22. The term hegemony refers to
    Answer: A dominant ideology that legitimizes economic, political and cultural power

  23. what is meant by the term Tragedy of commons?
    Answer: Interest tension due to individual control over resources meant for the collective

  24. Author of the book “Ants among elephants”?
    Answer: Sujatha Gidla

  25. Malthusian theory of population explored relationship between
    Answer: Optimum growth and resources

  26. The renowned Hindustani musician Annapurna Devi, who passed away in 2018 was a
    Answer: Surabahar

    Note: GKmojo Current affairs files

  27. Who founded Satya Shodak Samaj?
    Answer: Jyoti Rao Phule

  28. Which of the following is not a characteristic of totalitarian societies?
    Answer: Freedom of movement of citizens

  29. Which Indian state has received  president’s assent for the “Good Samaritan and medical professional bill, 2016?
    Answer: Karnataka

  30. An economy reached  take off stage when
    Answer: Rapid growth in limited group of sectors is achieved.

  31. with reference to computers and  world wide web , what is the function of cookies?
    Answer: To maintain and save site and use information

  32. Punjab is referred as “the land of 5 waters”: select the sets of rivers/water bodies it refers to
    Answer: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas

    Note: GKmojo River and cities note, This could be solved out by ruling out the options

  33. salome zurabishvli was elected as the 1st female president of which country?
    Answer: Georgia

  34. hindi movie …….is based on english classic “macbeth” by William Shakespeare?
    Answer: Maqbool

  35. who was the 1st European settlers in India
    Answer: Portuguese

  36. Where will India’s 1st indigenous film festival to be held in feb 2019?
    Answer: Odisha

  37. Which have not been decriminalized by Indian Judiciary?
    Answer: Active Euthanasia

    Note: Indirect Question, Read recently passed bills and judgments like section 377 etc. You can solve it by ruling out options.

  38. Treaty of Versailles marked the end of which war?
    Answer: World War 1

  39. which Indian state does not have a common International border with Bangladesh?
    Answer: Manipur

  40. which is not correct about Fundamental duties under the constitution of India?
    Answer: To vote in public elections

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