TISS GK Questions 2019 with Answers

GK was on tougher side this year.

Questions were from current affairs, history, geography, polity, sports, awards, books, social issues, science & technology, Bills and acts etc. 

A score of 25+ is the ideal score this year in GK.

Here are all the Questions with answers:

  1. In India, Right to property is a…………
    Ans: Legal Right

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo Polity Notes.

  2. Nobel Prize for medicine in 2018 was awarded  for
    Answer:  for their discovery of cancer therapy inhibition of negative immune regulation

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 8

  3. In 2018, Mary Kom won her 6th gold medal in 48 kg category at world boxing championships, whom did she defeat?
    Answer: Hanna Okhata

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 4.

  4. National Health mission of India seeks to achieve?
    Answer: All of the above

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 9

  5. Which is the highest Sports honour in India?
    Answer: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo Notes 10

  6. Choose correct film and Director combination that was India’s entry in best foreign film category for 2018 Oscar awards?
    Answer: Village rockstars: Rima Das

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo Notes (Current affairs files + film and television note)

  7. What is zero hour in parliament?
    Answer: When member can raise Important Questions

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo Polity Notes.

  8. The UN Sustainable development goals, launched in sept 2-15, have…….goals and …targets?
    Answer: 17 goals and 169 targets

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo TISS Notes 10, tiss file

  9. In 2018, the future policy gold award of the UN FAO was given to which Indian state?
    Answer: Sikkim (1st organic state of India)

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo TISS MCQs 3

  10. Which 2 teams reached the final of Men’s hockey World cup 2018?
    Answer: Belgium and Netherlands

    Note:  This Qs was from GKmojo December Current affairs PDFs

  11. 1st non-indian to receive Bharat Ratna?
    Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo Bharat Ratna Short Note

  12. Name of the light combat aircraft developed India indigenously?
    Answer: Tejas

    Note: This Qs was from GKmojo TISS MCQs 5

  13. Global Environment outlook is
    Answer: A series of Report on the Environment prepared UN.

    Note: Common sense Qs

  14. According to BR Ambedkar which one of the following was considered as the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Indian Constitution?
    Answer: Right to Constitutional remedies

    Note: It was from GKmojo MCQs
  15. The Most Toxic Greenhouse Gas is
    Answer: CO2

    Note: TISS Qs PDF File 1, You can solve out knowing which are green house gases, like CO is not a greenhouse gas, that way You can rule out options and solve accordingly.

  16. Which writ means “we command”?
    Answer: Mandamus

  17. Which Indian river crosses tropic of cancer twice?
    Answer: Mahi

  18. Which of the following  is not correct about “yellow vest” movement?
    Answer: Protesters demanding favorable policy for the immigrants

  19. Who led salt satyagarha movement along with Mahatma Gandhi?
    Answer: Sarojini Naidu

  20. Jangarh singh shayam, the acclaimed artist was associated with which form of painting?
    Answer: Gond

  21. The salient feature of Indian Parliamentary system is that
    Answer: Executive responsible to legislature

  22. The term hegemony refers to
    Answer: A dominant ideology that legitimizes economic, political and cultural power

  23. what is meant the term Tragedy of commons?
    Answer: Interest tension due to individual control over resources meant for the collective

  24. Author of the book “Ants among elephants”?
    Answer: Sujatha Gidla

  25. Malthusian theory of population explored relationship between
    Answer: Optimum growth and resources

  26. The renowned Hindustani musician Annapurna Devi, who passed away in 2018 was a
    Answer: Surabahar

    Note: GKmojo Current affairs files

  27. Who founded Satya Shodak Samaj?
    Answer: Jyoti Rao Phule

  28. Which of the following is not a characteristic of totalitarian societies?
    Answer: Freedom of movement of citizens

  29. Which Indian state has received  president’s assent for the “Good Samaritan and medical professional bill, 2016?
    Answer: Karnataka

  30. An economy reached  take off stage when
    Answer: Rapid growth in limited group of sectors is achieved.

  31. with reference to computers and  world wide web , what is the function of cookies?
    Answer: To maintain and save site and use information

  32. Punjab is referred as “the land of 5 waters”: select the sets of rivers/water bodies it refers to
    Answer: Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas

    Note: GKmojo River and cities note, This could be solved out ruling out the options

  33. salome zurabishvli was elected as the 1st female president of which country?
    Answer: Georgia

  34. hindi movie …….is based on english classic “macbeth” William Shakespeare?
    Answer: Maqbool

  35. who was the 1st European settlers in India
    Answer: Portuguese

  36. Where will India’s 1st indigenous film festival to be held in feb 2019?
    Answer: Odisha

  37. Which have not been decriminalized Indian Judiciary?
    Answer: Active Euthanasia

    Note: Indirect Question, Read recently passed bills and judgments like section 377 etc. You can solve it ruling out options.

  38. Treaty of Versailles marked the end of which war?
    Answer: World War 1

  39. which Indian state does not have a common International border with Bangladesh?
    Answer: Manipur

  40. which is not correct about Fundamental duties under the constitution of India?
    Answer: To vote in public elections