November 12, 2017

Oct 2017 Quiz

1. ''Live your style'' is the tag line of which automotive company?
2. Which state governor is Satya Pal Malik?
3. Which country won the 2017 FIFA Under-17 Wolrd cup?
4. Who is appointed as the CEO of Freecharge?
5. In which country is Catalonia located?
6. Which team has won 5th edition of Pro kabaddi league title 2017?
7. Jackson singh Thounaojam is associated with which sports?
8. The 2017 Nobel prize has been awarded to International Campaign to abolish nuclear weapons (ICAN) which is headquartered at?
9. Whose Biography has titled as 'Beyond the dream girl' by Ram kamal Mukherjee?
10. ''Express Yourself'' is the tagline of Which company?


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