IRMASAT Syllabus and Paper Pattern

IRMASAT Exam Pattern

Following are important points about IRMASAT Exam pattern 2020:

  • IRMASAT 2020 paper pattern is the on-line Computer based test.
  • IRMASAT exam pattern 2020 consists of 40 questions relevant to Issues of Social Concern
  • Time is 80 minutes.
  • All the questions in IRMASAT pattern are of multiple choices (MCQs) type
  • Each question in IRMASAT paper pattern 2020 is followed 5 Answer Options
  • For every wrong answer marked you in IRMASAT 2020 paper pattern, 1/4th of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty.
  • IRMASAT pattern 2020 consists of questions in English language only

Important Areas that to be focused upon for IRMASAT 2020

Following topics are important for the IRMASAT Exam 2019:

  1. Poverty and alleviation
  2. Agriculture
  3. Rural Development
  4. Government schemes
  5. Social issues like education and health
  6. Recent developments in Rural areas especially
  7. Environmental issues
  8.  highlights of 5 year plans
  9. Census 2011
  10. important revolutions for improving output of primary sector
  11. Gender and social groups
  12. Human developments
  13. Indian economy
  14. Social and economic developments
  15. Employment and literacy
  16. India’s rankings in different indices and reports
  17. Budget and economic survey highlights

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