February 7, 2018

LIC AAO General & computer Awareness Course 2018

Course Price: 350 Rupees

Course Validity: Till Exam of LIC AAO 2018

Dear Aspirants
As the notification is out. we bring you to a GK course which is concised and relevant for LIC AAO exam. This course will work as a bible for you as we have compiled only relevant GK and CA stuff for you. We guarantee GK would be a cakewalk for you in paper. Get this course and get an edge over other aspirants.

How to approach paper
Start paper with GK as it will have 30 questions of GK and current affairs and 30 question of Computer Awareness, you could finish these sections in just 15-20 minutes, so it would be a huge pressure drop for you in exam and then move up to your other sections.

Course description:

1) Around 10 Tests along with 500 important MCQs questions.

2) Current affairs notes and MCQs of last 8 months in concised format with emphasis to banking and insurance industry.

3) static GK Notes and MCQs [history, polity, economics, geography, general GK etc] in concised format.

4) Notes and MCQs on computer awareness in concised format.

5) current affairs notes and MCQs on banking and insurance industry.

6) 1 Dedicated whatsapp group for daily updates, short notes, important questions sets

For any Query
If you have any query, then feel free to ask anytime, you can call or ping on 8447098199. or drop a mail to- “<suryansh23@gmail.com>”
Our site: www.gkmojo.com

1) Material, which is in concised PDFs, will be mailed to you after enrollment. 
2) Just after payment, You get added to whatsapp grp.
3) For tests, You get access to our site: www.gkmojo.com

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