August Current affairs Test 2017

  • 1. Airtel payment bank has tied up with which oil company for ATM services?
  • 2. Which of the following match is the wrong match between summer Olympics years and venues?
  • 3. Legendary sprinter Usain Bolt retired recently, He belongs to which country?
  • 4. Which of the following country is not the part of BIMSTEC?
  • 5. India ratifies 2nd commitment period of Kyoto Protocol, Kyoto protocol came into force in?
  • 6. Bharat ke veer portal has been launched by which ministry?
  • 7. Who has been selected as 1st brand ambassador for Bridgestone India?
  • 8. Who is the current Chief justice of India?
  • 9. Wayne Rooney belongs to which sports?
  • 10. The book ‘I do what I do’ is written by?

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