All about SNAP GK

SNAP is a national level MBA Entrance Exam, Here we bring to you insight about SNAP GK. GK plays a vital role in SNAP. As it has 20% weightage. First thing remember that snap asks Only Past 2 years current affairs. There would be No static GK at all.
There would be 20 MCQs and 5 Non-MCQ Qs in SNAP GK. 20 MCQs would be 1 mark each while Non-MCQs would have 2 marks weightage.


1) Business affairs include appointments, Mergers and acquisitions, Brand ambassadors, etc.

2) Awards and honours

3) Sports, Sports tournaments and sports personalities

4) National affairs mainly socio economic development (Schemes, places in news, science, technology)

5) International affairs (like appointments, places and people in news, science)

6) Picture based questions (Mostly newly appointed CEOs and MDs)

7) There would be 5 TITA in SNAP 2018. Questions would be on Rankings of India, Name of countries, Name of person, Amounts related to mergers and acquisitions, Name of companies etc)

8) MCQs can be on recent books and authors, TV or FILM Characters

9) Recent obituaries Nationally and Internationally

So prepare according to above syllabus.

All the best!!

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